Business is Awesome.

Cloudbrain is building software to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and creative professionals get more done.

The Last Couple of Years

Cloudbrain started in 2003 in Charlottesville, VA building social and digital media software.

In 2005, TidySongs, Cloudbrain’s digital music organizer product took off, becoming one of the top digital music applications in an exploding market (thank you Apple). In just a few years, Cloudbrain went from a small software and consulting shop to a top digital music software provider doing millions in sales. The TidySongs product was acquired by a large media and software firm in Seattle in 2011.

Happening Now

Cloudbrain is re-booting as a social software provider for businesses. The goal is to help businesses move faster and celebrate entrepreneurs and creative professionals that are putting it all on the line. The first round of products will be out this summer, 2012. Recruitment for a new team of social and online savy marketing professionals to support the new “businesses are awesome” brand is happening now.  Check out the Jobs Page.