Teal Dreams

by mallory on May 10, 2013

teal desk

Do you love a color so much you’d paint your desk and chair that color?  This teal is a bold choice but by leaving the desktop unpainted, the color works beautifully as an accent in this pretty workspace.

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DVF 2013

The future is almost here, and it’s not too far from the Star Trek dreams of your childhood.  In April, Google announced one of its newest products, Google Glass, an eyepiece a la Lieutenant Commander La Forge that allows you to access the web at (literally) the blink of an eye.  Google has been wary about discussing advertising features, but this Mashable article dares to dream.

Image from DVF 2013 Runway where runway models wore Google Glass designs



how to use facebook for business

Every big brand these days touts a strong social media presence, whether it’s Kate Spade’s hashtagged Pinterest craze or Coach’s daily product instagrams or twitter updates about the latest #sales.  But who should you be following to really learn how companies can benefit from social media?  Starbucks.

With over 330 million likes on Facebook and 3 million + followers on Twitter, Starbucks is as present on social media as they are on your average American street corner.  But their power doesn’t necessarily lie in the numbers.  While many brands scurry around promoting and advertising to raise the amount of followers and likes, Starbucks has chosen to focus on enriching the experience of fans they already have.  And, in doing so, they actually gain more fans because current fans share or retweet those experiences.  You can’t exactly experience coffee through your computerscreen, so Starbucks gets creative.  They post alluring and beautiful photos of their signature drinks with heartfelt descriptions (in both English and Spanish!), they tell stories about where the coffee came from and how it’s made, and they post happy coffee illustrations with quotes.  A quote from New Year’s Eve: “The struggle of today, is not altogether for today – it is for a vast future also.” – President Abraham Lincoln #cometogether. 

Besides providing creating customer interest through intriguing or encouraging reading material, Starbucks uses social media to enrich customer satisfaction.  They share special deals or discounts and they also respond to customer stories and complaints.  None of it sounds automated, and there seems to be genuine care and concern put into each response.  And fans generally respond really well, sometimes even re-sharing how a bad situation was rectified beautifully.

The key takeaway from Starbucks?  Brands need to use the screens that separate them from their fans to actually bridge that same gap by building old fashioned, genuine relationships.

Above image from Starbucks Facebook page


Pantone announced their color of the year for 2013 as emerald.  So today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite office accessories in this fresh, green hue.

office decor

stacking boxes // rug


seaglass spectrum photograph

office decor

honeycomb business card holder // lamp

pantone color of the year

bonne journee planner // candle


Weekend Reads

by mallory on December 14, 2012

Have you seen the above video by Google?  Heartwarming, right? I love these commercials. This article uses it as an example of the new trend happening in marketing away from aspirational messages toward inspirational ads that represent real lives of consumers.

Looking for inspiration?  3 unexpected places to find it.

“Researchers have determined that one of the most important factors in generating breakthrough innovation is the ability to associate unrelated ideas and concepts in new ways.” How to cultivate creativity in your workplace.

 An interview with the author of The Startup Owner’s Manual.

7 young small business owners who are using their ideas to change the world for the better.  This is awesome.


Pantone Color of the Year 2013

by mallory on December 7, 2012

office inspiration

Pantone officially announced their color of the year for 2013 (is it already that time?!) and it is… Emerald!  Emerald feels, for lack of a better word, fancy, don’t you think? It can bring a grand sense of opulence to a room.  The above office showcases this deep green hue in desk accessories and furniture in varying textures – porcelain, velvet, embroidery, and stone.  In addition to office inspiration, today we also bring you Emerald: Interiors, Runway, Men’s Style, and At Work.  Now go add some green to your life (I like it paired with gold!).

interior decor

1 // 2

fancy dress

3 // 4

cloud brain

5 // 6

pantone color of the year

7 // 8


Office Perks

by mallory on November 30, 2012

office culures

Office Perks: At young, style-savvy startups, they include more than free coffee and a parking spot.  In fact, there seems to be a strong trend among the Facebooks of today in establishing ultra cool offices.  We’re talking a slide in lieu of stairs, a vending machine that dispenses Apple accessories, a gym, multiple restaurants, themed dress-up days, and conference rooms styled like treehouses, bungalows, and swanky apartments.  And while these things may keep employees bragging about their 9 to 5, it’s also – companies argue – making them more productive.  By allowing them to work out, to enjoy the latest technologies, and to be energized by their surroundings, these companies retain their workers and keep them happy.

Perhaps more importantly, company culture has become just an extension of a company’s brand.  With instantaneous social media postings from employees on every level, it’s become much more important to showcase what your brand is all about in its office environment.  Airbnb employees make videos on themed dress-up days at work that they then post to Facebook.  These videos scream youth, community, adventurous, and fun – which is largely what they’d like you to think about their vacation services.  It seems like brilliant marketing.

Photo via Airbnb


Midweek Reads

by mallory on November 29, 2012


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Hers: Winter Coats

by mallory on November 16, 2012

coats winter 2012 women's

1 // 2

For the ladies this winter, it might be time to take a risk when it comes to your outerwear.  Bright hues, unexpected silhouettes, and detailed embellishments all make this season’s styles statement pieces for your wardrobe.  Capes are still trending while neon colors and faux fur are making grand appearances.

coats women's 2012

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women's fashion

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His: Winter Coats

by mallory on November 16, 2012

fashion for men

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As we are officially approaching colder temps, it’s time to embrace the bulkier, cozier side of fashion: winter coats.  Men’s coats this season range in style from the classic pea coats to odes to old hunting jackets to more adventurous striped and asymmetrical designs.  Military hardware may be on its way out as wooden toggles and classically-inspired buttons are making grand appearances.

men's coat winter 2012

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2012 winter fashion

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